Dear Amazon, it’s not you, it’s me.  You make it so, so easy that I order things without paying attention.  I don’t concentrate on the experience of buying.  I feel like I depend on you too much.  And you gave me that nice credit card that gives 5% back…thank you.  That only made me love you more. 

How many of these boxes have entered my home over the years?

Now I see that I need you so much more than you need me.  I need to take a break. 

On the other hand, it might be you. 

I don’t shop at Walmart because they’re so abusive to their employees, so why am I giving you a pass on worker mistreatment?  Your recent move to a $15 / hour minimum wage looked good, until I saw that it also drops some warehouse employees out of profit sharing and bonus plans.   

So, we’re taking a break until Easter, and then we’ll see where things stand. 

“Wow, Easter is late this year,” my good friend said, when I told her my plan.  True.  I’m going to miss you a lot. 

I’m going to miss ordering stuff that comes in two days, before I could ever find time to get to the store.  But the price is high, in workers stressed out about filling my order so fast.  I think I can plan ahead. 

I drive past three drugstores on my way to work – it can’t be that hard to stop, can it?

I do love the fair trade coffee…that’s hard to find out here in the world.  But it’s not really fair trade is it, when the coffee is fairly sourced, but the person packing it can’t take a break to go to the bathroom?

I find myself wondering if I can exempt Kindle books…no human labor is involved to pack the book, right?  I do wonder if the author is getting a fair payment.  I seem to want fewer and fewer paper books, to my surprise.  The books I want to read again and again are on my Kindle now.  The pile of books to read by my bed has dwindled, and the pile on my Kindle has grown.  I could just read the books I have.  It makes me a feel a little panicky, but there’s always the old fashioned way.  You know, the library. 

Ah, Amazon, I’m going to miss you.  I’ll see how I feel after Easter.  You take care, now. 

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